About us

A Modern Twist to Coffee & Tea


Established in 1997, Fantasia coffee & Tea is the first standalone pearl tea shop in the United States. Co-founders Michael Chang and Sam Wang sought to introduce the benefits of tea to the Silicon Valley community. Despite new fads and rising costs in the supply chain, the co-founders have remained true to beginnings.


Since the beginning, Michael and Sam have always had one mission: to brighten everyone’s day with a fresh cup of tea! When Fantasia first opened, it was in the business of convincing the community that having pearls in a beverage. It took a few years, but the idea finally took off and customers were coming from all over to experience this new phenomenon.

Fantasia’s founders, Michael and Sam, are thrilled that people have become obsessed with pearl tea; however, they believe their job still isn’t finished. They want to continue educating the public on the benefits of the Fantasia Way.


For over 20 years, Fantasia has scoured the globe for the highest quality ingredients to use in our drinks. Fantasia has always stayed true to ourselves and customers. Walk in any day, and you will see our shelves filled with the freshest seasonal fruits. Ask any Fantasia employee, and they will tell you our founders consume our drinks on the daily.

Why is this important? As Michael and Sam always emphasize:
“our kids drink Fantasia everyday, and we always want the best for them. All of Fantasia’s customers are part of our family too, so we want what’s best for them as well!”

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